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Friday, 24 May 2013

Mobile Phones In India under Rs 5,000

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Micromax Ninja A27   Rs. 3,300

Karbonn A3    Rs. 3,500

Micromax Bolt A35    Rs. 3,999

Micromax Bolt A51    Rs. 4,500

Karbonn A4    Rs. 4,599




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Saturday, 18 May 2013

World's Dangerous Wine Drinks

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1. Snake Wine: Yet another drink originating from Vietnam, this one's a rice wine with a snake in it, a very venomous snake to be precise. The distinctive taste doesn’t come from the snake's meat, but the poison itself. Thankfully, the ethanol kills the venomous effect of the venom and reveals the protein-rich essence of it. This one too is considered to have various medicinal qualities.

2. Mezcal: Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made of a form of agave plant from Mexico. What makes it special? As a marketing gimmick in the 1940's, the producers started putting a worm in the bottle, a larval form of the moth Hypopta Agavis that lives on the agave plant. The trend caught on and to this very day Mezcal is sold with a visually disturbing worm inside it!

3. Scorpion Vodka: To everyone who considers vodka to be the ladies’ poison, think again. Vodka is a strong concoction, and the Russian’s love it. Albeit this time around they’ve taken it to the next level. Scorpion Vodka has a full-length scorpion preserved vodka in it. And is used as an aphrodisiac in south-east Asia and for medicinal uses such as back and muscle pain. Oh, and the scorpion is edible, along with its stinger.

4. Three Lizard Liquor: Want to feel powerful and avoid evil spirits from messing with you? Just have a sip of this uber-awesome drink, a liquor stuffed with three lizards! The Three Lizard Liquor originated in China and Vietnam. It is believed that the lizards are a source of energy and are capable of repelling evil spirits and are hence consumed by the masses.

5.Absinthe: A drink made famous by pop-culture is known worldwide as being the brand ambassador of illegal drinks all around the world. Made out of wormwood and anise, it is considered to be a highly alcoholic beverage. Supposedly, it drove people crazy and caused epilepsy and tuberculosis, and hence was banned in the 19th century. Albeit, due to recent changes in the rules and regulations of food and beverages, there has been a revival of Absinthe culture and it is back in the market.

6. Baby Mice Wine: Hate rodents? Despise them? Want to render their existence meaningless? Here's a solution. Stuff all the live baby mice that you can grab into a wine, maximum three days old, mind you. Let them drown till their miniature lungs are filled with wine, and leave them for fermentation for a year, and voila! You have your very own Baby Mice Wine, and you have a mice-free home too. Radical indeed. This one originates from China, and like others, has medicinal qualities.

7. Seagull Wine: This one has to be the manliest drink around. Invented by the Eskimos to brave the cold arctic weather, this one is made by mutilating a seagull, chopping it into pieces or storing it whole in a bottle of water, and leaving it in the sun for a prolonged period of time till it ferments. source:-

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Costliest Android phone in India

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The luxury smartphone is packed with 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 64 GB internal memory, 1.3 megapixel front camera, 8 megapixel rear camera with auto focus and twin LED flash and a 1 GB RAM.

Vertu, the luxury phone maker which till recently was part of Nokia, had sometime back unveiled its first Android powered smartphone, called Vertu Ti, in Singapore. The great news for consumers who love to buy costly gadgets is that now four version of Vertu Ti are available in India. Vertu Ti is available in Vertu showrooms in eight cities of India - Gurgaon, Delhi, Ahemdabad, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kolkuta and Pune.

Vertu smartphones come with a 3.7 inch display, a dual-core 1.7 GHz processor, Android 4.0, 8 megapixel camera, NFC and 64 GB of storage. It is handmade with precious elements that make it super special. The Vertu Ti has titanium casing with leather accents as well as a 3.7-inch display made from sapphire crystal. Each handset is also signed by the craftsman who made it. 

The Vertu TI also uses leather accents as well as a sapphire crystal screen, which makes it scratch proof and four times stronger than other smartphones.

Vertu TI uses a polished Titanium case that delivers incredible strength and optimised weight.

The Vertu says the Ti comes with better audio ability as it is fitted with a 11 x 15 mm rectangular drivers to maximize a better audio experience.

The cheapest Vertu Ti, the Titanium Black Leather version is available for Rs 6.50 lakh,, while the Titanium Pure Black can be bought for Rs 8 lakh and the Titanium Black Alligator is even more expensive at Rs 8.75 lakh. But the most expensive crown goes to Black PVD Titanium Red Gold Mixed Metals Ti which is available for a whopping Rs 14 lakh and is available only on pre order.


Lamborghini Egoista:- A Future Car

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To mark its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini chief designer Walter De Silva crafted a one-off, 600-hp model that's as much an homage to an Apache attack helicopter as any Lamborghini. Called the Egoista, it's the company's take on what it could build if it had no limits on its talents.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Costa Atlantica at the Marina Bay Cruise Center in Singapore

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Costa Atlantica is a Spirit-class cruise ship owned and operated by Costa Crociere. Each passenger deck on Costa Atlantica is named after a movie by the Italian director Federico Fellini. Artist Milo Manara pays tribute to Italy's most famous film director, Federico Fellini, with drawings inspired by his greatest works displayed on the ship's 12 decks. She is decorated with Carrara marble, Murano glass accents, and in-laid mosaic tile. She also replicates Venice's Caffe Florian. 

The cruise ship has 1,057 cabins in total, including 660 with private balconies and 58 suites with private balconies. There are 4 restaurants, including the Club Restaurant (by reservation only) and 12 bars, including a Cognac & Cigar Bar and a Wine Bar. Ischia Spa, a wellness centre on two levels, is equipped with a gym, treatment rooms, sauna and Turkish bath, UVA-ray solarium, 4 Jacuzzis, 4 pools, including one with a retractable cover and water slide, a multipurpose sports pitch and outdoor jogging track. In addition, there are entertainment options such as a theatre on three levels, a casino, discotheque, Internet point, water slide, library, shopping centre, children's pool and Virtual World and Squok Club franchises.

Carnival Asia's Costa Atlantica made its maiden call at the Marina Bay Cruise Center in Singapore May 3, 2013. Carnival Corp, the world's largest cruise group, opened their regional offices in Singapore, overseeing the company's expansion into Asia.


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Top Tourist Places In India For Summer

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I cannot think of any place on earth that can be more breathtaking, challenging and fascinating than Ladakh. There is beauty in its barrenness. The colours are stark. The Indus River beckons you, curving along the path, taking you to lands forgotten. Clothed in snow, the mountains encircle you as you climb the steps to monasteries perched precariously on cliffs. Watch the lakes change colour every minute as you drive through the land of high passes, and feel humbled in the barren landscape. My favourite is Pangong Tso, although Tso Moriri comes a close second. If you are up to it, cycle or hike up to Khardung La or lose yourself in the colours of the Nubra Valley.


An obscure little hill station, Dirang is located in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India. Quiet and sleepy, the town is my favourite stopover en route to Tawang. Walk around and you will find houses huddled along the banks of a small stream. You could drive up to see ancient monasteries or visit the ruins of the 17th century fort.


It may be crowded and filled with loud tourists but my vote goes for Nainital. The Himalayas circle you and, on a clear day, you can see the peaks of Nanda Devi and Trishul if you take the cable car up to the Snow View. The colonial atmosphere takes you to the days of the Raj, but Nainital also has its bit of mythical influences. Be it the grace of the Goddess Naini Devi who gives the town its name or the eye-shaped lake, Nainital is both mystical and magical.


Barely a few kilometres away from Shimla, Mashobra is an escape from the touristy capital. Wake up to a Himalayan sunrise, do a bit of birding, admire the contours of the mountains, drive up to Chail to see the palace or just lose yourself in the verdant forests around – Mashobra is an ideal getaway to beat the heat.


Imagine sitting outside your little homestay , sipping chai and losing yourself in a misty sky and then all of a sudden, the mist parts ways just to give you that little glimpse , for a few seconds of the mighty Kanchenjunga. That is Sikkim for you. You will be walking up a knoll and suddenly you see an old monastery. I prefer Pelling to Gangtok as it is quieter and offers better views of the mountain. And while you are there, visit Yuksom, the old capital of the state. Tsango Lake and Nathu La can be visited from Gangtok but if you want to visit Gurudogmor Lake, give yourself a few more days to travel up north.


Call it the Gift of the Forests or the Princess of the Hill Stations, Kodaikanal is nestled high up in the Western Ghats. Dense shola forests, grasslands, tall eucalyptus groves – Kodaikanal is drenched in fog and mist most of the time. Caves, hidden waterfalls, lakes tucked away inside lush forests – Kodaikanal is indeed nature’s own destination.


They don’t call it the Scotland of the East for nothing. The fabric of green is only interrupted by waterfalls, rivers and streams. The mist comes calling – be it at Talacauvery where the River Cauvery has its origins or at Raja’s Seat in Madikeri, which offers some spectacular views. The Western Ghats are covered with forests, while coffee and spice plantations fill their slopes. If you haven’t been to Coorg, then you surely have no idea what bliss is.


Located at the confluence of the three rivers on the Western Ghats in Kerala is Munnar. Wrapped in a fabric of tea plantations, Munnar is a biodiversity hot spot surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries, although its habitat is now fragmented. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or a birder or just a pantheist, Munnar is the place for you.

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