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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The top 10 beers worldwide

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Craft beers may be giving big brewers a run for their money, but the top-rated beers worldwide in terms of taste come from all over the map, according to one product research site.
Pacifico and Negra Modelo from Mexico, Smithwick's Ale from Ireland, Windhoek Lager from Namibia and Affligem Blonde from Belgium are among the top 10 beers worldwide, according to rankings from FindTheBest, which gathers and filters consumer and expert reviews from across the Web.
"The most important quality of a beer is how it tastes. However, the experience of drinking a beer also involves several secondary elements, including appearance, smell and texture," said FindTheBest CEO Kevin O'Connor.
Source: FindTheBestAnd while beer drinkers outside of the United States might consider Budweiser a premium imported beer, it's not on FindTheBest's list of the 10 best beers across the globe. Instead, Michelob Ultra and Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus make the list and Bud sits at 316th place.
And while all of the top 10 beers worldwide have five-star ratings, Budweiser, a highly-marketed staple beer, has just 3.5 stars, according to FindTheBest.
"'Best' can be different things for different groups of people," O'Connor said.
Since FindTheBest's rankings depend on reviews, consumers and experts need to have access to a beer before reviewing it, and that's not always possible for some of the truly delicious but hard-to-find beers out there.
"The reality is most of these [beers with big marketing budgets] aren't very good at all,” O'Connor told “Big Data Download.” “Our data shows that when people actually taste lesser-known beers and compare them to the most popular ones, they often prefer the small-brewery option," O'Connor said.
FindTheBest, which lists some of the top brands under several categories, including smart phones, bicycles and web-hosting services, is just one of many resources that beer lovers can use to find new beer suggestions. Mobile apps like BeerCloud, BeerStat, Beer Universe and iBrewMaster are some of the more dedicated beer research resources.

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